As the use of content mining is significantly lower in Europe than in some countries in the Americas and Asia, the FutureTDM project seeks to improve uptake of text and data mining (TDM) in the EU. FutureTDM actively engages with stakeholders such as researchers, developers, publishers and SMEs and looks in depth at the TDM landscape in the EU to help pinpoint why uptake is lower, to raise awareness of TDM and to develop solutions.

Problem retrieving data from Twitter

The FutureTDM consortium has laid out a concrete plan on how to establish and operate the challenging coordination activities. This includes following objectives:


INVOLVE all key stakeholders via targeted stakeholder consultation to identify practices, requirements, and specific challenges in the field of TDM and installation of an advisory board and integration of practitioner groups in local and pan-European workshops.


ASSESS existing studies, legal regulations and policies on TDM within the European Union considering generic and domain-specific barriers and national idiosyncrasies/anomalies, and compare them with international developments.


ANALYSE current application areas and trends in TDM including statistics and key figures, collect relevant research and industrial projects, derive best practices and provide a structured collection of relevant knowledge and information resources.


ELABORATE a legal and policy framework for future TDM, define policy priorities, specify a research agenda with future applications in mind to create interdisciplinary, case-driven practitioner guidelines to foster the spread of TDM in various research fields within the EU.


BUILD a Collaborative Knowledge Base (CKB) and an Open Information Hub (OIH) combined on a web-based platform including intuitive tools like a TDM Stakeholder Map, a TDM Expert Navigator, a European TDM Research Project Directory, or a TDM Best Practices Library.


INCREASE awareness of TDM to especially attract new target groups and science domains by creating a roadmap, run mobilisation and engagement activities and provide information material and modern TDM Visualisations and Infographics.

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